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Rapido Trimaran update

Rapido Trimarans offers four ultra modern, high performance cruising trimarans, the Rapido 40 and Rapido 50,Rapido 53 XS, and the extraordinary Rapido 60. The great news is that the Rapido 40 and Rapido 50 both have folding systems to reduce overall beam for marina docking. With an ingenious design to keep the floats (amas) [...]

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Dragonfly update

Windcraft Multihulls is organizing a nationwide network of dealers for Dragonfly Trimarans to sell, commission and service Dragonfly Trimarans in the USA. The goal of this dealer network is to better serve USA-based Dragonfly customers by providing local assistance and advice. Stay tuned for more details. We are proud to announce that the Dragonfly [...]

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Reserve a Corsair 880 now

The new Corsair 880 offers an ultra modern design in two versions--Standard and Sport, and is significantly larger, roomier and more comfortable than the outgoing Corsair 28. The first few building slots sold out fast and a total of 48 have been delivered already. The next one available is due for completion in 880#10 is [...]

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Order a Corsair 760 now for 2024

The Corsair 760 has no serious competitors in the 24 ft trailerable trimaran space. If you have never sailed a Corsair before, you owe it to yourself to try one before its too late. To avoid a long wait we have a new 760 build slot reserved for a boat that will be completed in [...]

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