Windcraft Multihulls has a reserved building slot available for the brand new folding Rapido 40s. Orders are steadily coming in for this model so if you would like one within a year from now you can reserve yours with a $40,000 deposit. Designed by Morelli and Melvin, and built by Triac Composites.  Rapido Trimarans offers three ultra modern, high performance ocean cruising trimaran, the Rapido 40, Rapido 50 and the extraordinary Rapido 60. The great news is that the Rapido 40 and Rapido 50 both have folding systems to reduce overall beam for marina docking. With an ingenious design to keep the floats (amas) in the vertical orientation after folding, eliminating the problem of fouling of the outside of the floats when folded in the water. Check out Rapido Trimarans here.