Windcraft Multihulls is organizing a nationwide network of dealers for Dragonfly Trimarans to sell, commission and service Dragonfly Trimarans in the USA. The goal of this dealer network is to better serve USA-based Dragonfly customers by providing local assistance and advice. Stay tuned for more details.

We are proud to announce that the Dragonfly 40 has won the 2024 Boat of the Year awards from both Cruising World and Sailing World! This stunning Dragonfly 40 Ultimate was on display at the Annapolis Boat Show October 14-17, 2023 and will be shown at more boat shows in 2024. To help see these boats in action Dragonfly has created several useful Sailing Guide instructional videos for the use of their boats including several for the Dragonfly 40.
Upwind Sailing   Downwind Sailing  Reaching   Use of Code Zero sail   Sailing in strong wind

Meanwhile, click here for an in depth walk around tour of the  Dragonfly 40  presented by the owners of Quorning Boats. There are similar tours here for the Dragonfly 25, Dragonfly 28 and Dragonfly 32

If you would like a personal showing of any of these top quality performance cruising trimarans in 2024 please call Don for an appointment.