Corsair Trimarans

Windcraft Multihulls has been an authorized dealer of Corsair Trimarans since 1996. With its rich multi-decade history as a world leader in high quality multihull manufacturing, Corsair Marine has thousands of trimarans sailing in all parts of the world. From competitive racing to family cruising; day sailing or longer expeditions, the Corsair range offers the perfect boat for demanding sailors in search of adventure. Contact Windcraft for information about purchasing a Corsair Trimaran.
corsair pulse 600

Featuring lightweight carbon reinforced construction, this boat will definitely get your pulse racing.

Pulse 600

corsair sprint 750 mkII

The Corsair Sprint 750 Mark II is easy to rig and sail and can hit 20 knots.

Sprint 750 MKII

Corsair Marine's newest pocket cruiser takes trailer sailing to a new level. Sport version available with even greater performance.

Corsair 760

corsair cruze 970

The Cruze 970 is an exciting new model packed with great features. 970 Sport version available with increased performance.

Cruze 970

All the comforts of a cruising mono hull and the flat sailing of a big catamaran, with ultimate speed and safety.

Corsair C37

Featuring full carbon fiber construction, its light weight and high strength raises the bar even higher over the standard C37. The ultimate maxi-trailerable trimaran.

Corsair C37 RS Carbon

Why a Corsair Trimaran

  • Extraordinary speed and effortless acceleration are trademarks of the Corsair trimarans. Their ability to accelerate in any puff or generate their own apparent wind even in light air is legendary. The absence of a lead keel to create drag, the ability to carry large powerful sails enabled by their wide beam,  and their light weight resulting from superior construction techniques and materials, means that Corsair trimarans can provide sailing performance comparable or better than million dollar super yachts for a fraction of the price.
  • Superior safety is inherent in the design and construction of these boats. Corsairs have positive buoyancy so they can’t sink.  In fact, with the hulls filled to the brim with water, the positive buoyancy of the construction materials will keep the vessel afloat.
  • Comfortable stability at any speed and in almost all sea conditions comes from wide beam and high buoyancy. Heeling is restricted to about 15 degrees, which feels like about 5 degrees on the broad, flat deck and trampolines of a Corsair.
  • Trailering a Corsair is very easy. It can take a single person about 30-60 minutes to go from trailing mode to sailing mode. Corsairs fold up and pull out of the water easily, the mast can be lowed in a few minutes, and they tow easily behind  a pickup or SUV, saving a bundle on slip fees and seasonal storage. The Pulse can be towed by any small car.
  • The list goes on and on – click here to read more.

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