Dragonfly Trimarans for Sale

Windcraft Multihulls is an authorized dealer for Dragonfly Trimarans, Europe's most popular design of sporty, comfortable sailing trimarans. Dragonfly has over 30 years of experience in building extremely high-quality multihulls which have been exported all around the world. If you are looking for a Dragonfly Trimaran for sale, please contact Windcraft Multihulls directly for more information about placing an order.

Dragonfly Trimarans for Sale in the US

Dragonfly Trimarans are built in Denmark to extremely high standards by Quorning Boats. The current Dragonfly range extends from the trailerable 25 and 28 footers, up to the larger 32 and 40 foot models. All Dragonfly Trimarans employ their hallmark “swing wing” system for retracting the floats for docking or in the case of the 25 and 28 for easy trailering. One feature of this system is that the floats remain in the vertical orientation, which is an advantage when keeping the boat in a slip because it eliminates the issue of fouling of the outside surfaces of the floats. Another hallmark of Dragonfly trimarans is their attention to detail in the interior design and finish, creating a beautiful comfortable place to spend time inside the boat. If you are looking for a Dragonfly Trimaran for sale, Windcraft Multihulls is a US dealer located in the Southeastern United States. Contact us for more information.

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