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Rapido Trimarans appoints Windcraft Multihulls as Dealer

We are excited to announce that Windcraft Multihulls has been appointed as an official US dealer for Rapido Trimarans. Designed by Morelli and Melvin, and built by Triac Composites. Triac Composites was founded by former builders of the world's most popular trimarans, Corsair. Rapido Trimarans offers three ultra modern, high performance ocean cruising trimaran, the [...]

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Corsair’s brand new 880

Corsair has announced their next new model, the exciting new 880. The 880 will replace the hugely popular but aging Corsair 28. Somewhat larger and roomier than the outgoing 28, the 880 offers an ultra modern hull and interior design in two versions--Standard and Sport. Available for delivery in 2020. First chance to see a [...]

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2020 Corsair 760s available now

The Corsair 760 has no serious competitors in the 24 ft trailerable trimaran space. If you have never sailed a Corsair before, you owe it to yourself to try one before its too late for you. Contact us if you would like to order a Corsair 760--be it the standard model, the Sport model, or [...]

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