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1108, 2023

SALE PENDING 2021 Corsair 880 trimaran Pensacola FL $195,000

2021 Corsair 880 trimaran. A unique opportunity to take immediate delivery of a well cared for a very well equipped and cared for Corsair 880 at a substantial discount. This boat was ordered as an 880 Sport model (lighter boat, longer bowsprit) but with the 40 ft mast from the standard 880 for local bridge clearance restrictions. It has [...]

1805, 2023

SALE PENDING 1991 Corsair F-27 Niceville FL $37,500

1991 Corsair F-27 Niceville FL $37,500 This particular F-27 has many upgrades installed by its previous owner. To enable shallow water operation, a dagger-style rudder, rudder cassette and folding tiller by CCI Composites was installed, saving considerable weight and reducing drag. A Ballenger Spars second spreader kit was installed to stiffen the mast and all standing rigging was replaced [...]

805, 2023

Formula 32 high performance catamaran Hawaii $85,000

F-32 high performance catamaran (Illusion) for sale in Hawaii. Immaculate condition. All new sails. Built by CDK Technologies in Port la Foret France in 1989 to conform to the European Formula 28 box rule, and completely rebuilt in 2015. Check out this impressive video of Illusion in action sailing off Waikiki And check this video of Illusion surfing. Holder [...]

3108, 2022

SOLD 2021 Corsair 880 Sport trimaran $179,900

2021 Corsair 880 Sport trimaran for sale. A rare chance to take delivery of a well equipped Corsair 880 Sport at a significant saving. Located in Arkansas, fresh water use only. Available for immediate delivery, ready to go anywhere on its top quality aluminum trailer. Replacement cost as equipped and delivered to USA over $220,000. Click here for details [...]

2005, 2022

2000 Dragonfly 1200 swing wing trimaran $225,000

2000 Dragonfly 1200 swing wing trimaran, designed by Borge and Jens Quorning as the flagship of the Dragonfly family of folding trimarans in the early 2000's. Intended for safe bluewater cruising. Each boat was custom-built to meet the needs of each owner. The Dragonfly 1200 can accommodate 7 people in 3 cabins and is easy to sail. 18 1200s were [...]